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Thiruvannamalai, the divine place of Lord Shiva, with the majestic and divine Mountain Arunachala, signifies the element fire. Thus in Tamil, it is known as the “Agni Stalam” Agni means fire and “Stala” means “Throne” in Sanskrit is compared to the mighty Brihadeeshwara temple in Tanjore. The fact, this temple is larger than the Brihadeeshwara. Many tamil poets have praised this town to the fullest. According to sources, no one still knows who built the great temple with such great devotion. It was said that the shrine was built around 7th century B.C.; this means that it might well be one of the oldest temples of the world.

The words Thiruvannmalai and SAMBUVARAYAM do not come apart. It was infact the mighty sambuvarayam dynasty who had built this town and ruled it long before the Cholas, Cheras & Pandyas had started flourishing. Around 11th century A.D. when the chola rule was at its peak with Rajendra chola I leading them, Thiruvannmalai had fallen into the hands of the Cholas. Thiruvannamalai is well known for its sculpturing excellence which can be seen in the temple and Girivalam pathway.


In tamil, the word “Giri” means mountain and “Valam” means circumambulate. So, Girivalam means circumambulating or coming around the mighty mountain “Arunachala”. Every month, on every full moon day, millions of people circumambulate the hill, which is considered to purify the mind and provide inner peace and “Ananda” – Bliss


The most famous festival of Thiruvannamalai. This festival is the true festival of lights. Countless number of people gather at this town to witness the lighting of the Deepam, which at sight purifies one’s mind and fills it with self-reality and godliness. His festival dates back upto 3000 years and more. It is celebrated in the Tamil month of karthigai.


The greatest saint India has ever seen, was born Venkatraman in Tiruchuli village of Tamil Nadu on 30th December 1879. From the tender age of 13, after reading the Periyapuranam, which says about the greatness of Lord Shiva, he was attracted to the divine town, Thiruvannamalai. This made him renounce the world and come to this divine town. After a few years, his mother followed him and she too renounced the wordly pleasures and meditated on Lord Arunachala, who gave her Mukti – salvation on 1922. Bhagwan Ramana attained salvation in the later years. It is said that a shooting star tore apart the sky , at the moment of Bhagwan’s death like a flame.


A Guru need not be in human form only, he makes us realize that God is within us.

Complete surrender, either to self or to God leads to Gnana or Liberation.

Free will and destiny exist forever.

In order to be truly happy, one must know oneself fully.

Mind is the source of ago, only when the heart takes over the mind one can attain the self, the real, the ethereal.

Self realization is nothing but your divine self.

The only reality in this world is consciousness.

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